Precision Laser Profiling

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Precision Laser Profiling

About Us

M & H Laser was founded in 2006 by Husband and Wife Martin and Helen Parr. Martin has worked in the laser profiling industry for the last 35 years. In 2006, Martin had the vision of running his own successful Laser profiling business. Within the business, Martin oversees the production side ensuring M & H Lasers products are delivered to the highest standards possible. Alongside Martin, Helen manages the administration department ensuring all of the communications and accountancy runs like clockwork. Furthermore, they both lead very active lives which shows in the great positive energy within their business. Likewise, they are focused on getting things done, (a must-do attitude).

A Family Business

Being a family run business Martin and Helen ensure their team delivers the highest standard of work, with a high-quality level of customer service ensuring complete customer satisfaction, this is very important to both of them. Their highly efficient team are able to deliver on large or small orders with quick turnaround times which makes them the perfect choice when considering production.

Martin and Helen created this site to showcase the amazing products they make and the great service they provide. The company also visit a vast array of exhibitions and events where they receive great feedback. This was also one of the reasons they launched the site, allowing them to improve the functionality of businesses and families across the UK and beyond. Take a look at their range of products and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for they also provide a bespoke laser cutting service.

If you have any design questions Martin’s knowledge of product design is second to none and he always excited to discuss new ideas. Likewise, If you have a product in the planning don’t hesitate to contact M & H Laser today they are always willing to help even at the pre-design process.